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"Buckminster Fuller's Universe, His Life and Work" by Lloyd Steven Sieden

Buckminster Fuller's Universe, His Life and Work

"This work fully illustrates that a great man walked among us." — Larry King

"An absorbing biographical study" — Publishers Weekly

"Buckminster Fuller was one of a very small number of geniuses. This book greatly assists us in understanding [him]." — Richard Rogers, architect and chairman, Richard Rogers Partnership, Ltd.

"To have known Bucky and witnessed his disciplined dedication to humanity through engineering was an inspirational treat in my life. Lloyd Sieden's interpretations of his creative genius should greatly enhance public acknowledgement of [his] intellectual wisdom." — Dr. Buzz Aldrin, former astronaut.

Buckminster Fuller, the brilliant and eccentric futurist philosopher, was one of the most creative contributors to innovative thought and technology in the twentieth century. Best known for his inventions, from the Geodesic Dome to the Dymaxion car and the concept of "Spaceship Earth," he was an incomparable designer, engineer, and architect. In this inspiring account of Fuller's life and legacy, Lloyd Steven Sieden shows how his integrity, intuition, and imagination had an astounding impact on the world. Buckminster Fuller's Universe brings new light to Fuller's belief system, recognizes his many contributions to humanity, and shows how to apply fuller's ideas to daily life.

Lloyd Steven Sieden is a lecturer, consultant, and educator with a specialty in the ideas of Buckminster Fuller. He has studied and explained Fuller's fifty-six year experiment for nearly twenty years and helps organizations and individuals implement the natural principles Fuller uncovered. He lives in Bellevue, Washington.

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