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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

 Dutch: NEDERLANDSE  Espanol   中文(简体)/Chinese   ۶ سوال به سمت صلح و توسعه پایدار (Six Questions)  Francais  Germany/Deutch  한국어  utilizando transmissores de alta potência em áreas remotas, e mudar a força via linha de transmissões de alta-voltagem, podemos alcançar 7000 quilómetros, conectando nações e continentes    русский/Russian


What do you predict will happen to our planet if we do not complete the global electricity grid?

Key Words

predictions, planet, global electricity grid, environmental trends, societal trends, deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, overpopulation, infant mortality, illiteracy, minimum energy use 2000 kWh per person per year, destructive trends


If the world remains as it is — i.e. doing business as usual — many destructive environmental and societal trends will continue and worsen the quality of life for everyone.

The most important negative trends include: deforestation, desertification, climate change, pollution (air, water, and land), and overpopulation. As well, high infant mortality and illiteracy rates would persist in regions unserved by any electrical services.

GENI looks to achieve a minimum energy use of 2000 kWh per person per year. Research show that this threshold will ameliorate the vicious cycle of these trends.

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