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Roger's Connection

Roger's Connection

Magnets have never been so addictive!

Magnetic Sculpture Toy/Building Set. Winner — Oppenheim Toy Portfolio™ Gold Seal Award. Winner — Parents' Choice Honor.

Roger's Connection is an award-winning construction toy that is fun for both children and adults. It is also a powerful learning tool. Simply playing with Roger's Connection opens the worlds of magnetic attraction, architectural design, geometry, sculpture, and molecular structure.

It can be useful in manual dexterity training for both old and young. Magnetic bearings can be made, allowing designs with spinning motion to be constructed. Roger's Connection can be enjoyed by children, students, educators, architects, designers, and scientists. Children can enjoy a uniquely constructive group activity that encourages collaboration.

Super-high-powered magnets are embedded in precision-molded recycled plastic rods. The magnets are recessed so that the steel connector balls fit precisely, allowing connections of almost any angle to be made. Up to twelve rods can be attached to a single ball. Multiple sets can be combined to build larger designs.

For Ages 7+. Contains 30 recycled plastic tubes embedded with high-power magnets and 14 nickel-plated steel balls. Lifetime Material Defect/Workmanship Replacement Warranty.

Roger's Connection

Child Safety Warning! - Choking Hazard! Small Balls! Also, magnets that can be dislodged. Keep away from children under 4.

Caution: magnetic material - keep away from TVs, monitors, computer drives, compact discs, audio and video tapes, and credit cards. From Design Science Toys.

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