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Vector Flexor® Fold-a-Form - "The Jitterbug"

Vectorflex Fold-a-Form

An interactive model of geometric shapes which allows the user to transform the toy a variety of shapes. Watch in amazement as the icosahedron devolves into an octahedron, then tetrahedron, and finally a small triangle. Teach geometry and earth science with this engaging aid to demonstrate nature’s three primary structures.

Create several different possible forms and patterns, including: triangle, pentagon, octahedron, tetrahedrons (macro and micro), God's eye, Star of David/involuted basket, rectangle, hour glass, mini dome, pin wheel, star, hexagon, twist trinity, pyramid, and double tetra.

Order with Bucky for Beginners from our bookstore for an educational gift package.

From Vector Equilibrium Educative Toys, Toys That Teach, TOBI Co.

Click here to see Bucky do the Jitterbug.

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