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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

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Current Project Opportunities

Below is a list of projects available for interns/volunteers to undertake. We have also found that many interns or volunteers come with their own ideas which contribute greatly to the overall mission of GENI, which is to say, this is not a definitive list.

  • Expand the Renewable Energy Maps and National Grid Maps on the GENI website. Upload any that we don't have or update what we do have.
  • How is 100% renewable energy possible by 2020?
    Al Gore has called for 100% renewablesby 2020. Is this possible? This paper from Australia instigated a series of research projects at GENI: Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan.
    Look at the papers at /globalenergy/research that interns have done to date. The reports on Chile, Spain, Turkey and Germany are good models for this research.
    The focus is on "How is 100% Renewable Possible..." You want to start with the assumption that it is possible, then report on how it can be done.
    • Discuss what renewables are available in the country; some info is available on our website: /globalenergy/renewable-energy-resource-maps
    • What policies are in place to encourage the use of renewables or what new policies are needed to boost their development;
    • What would be the possible mix of renewables;
    • What is the electrical grid infrastructure and
    • What needs to be added to bring the renewable energy to market; consider the feasibility of interconnecting across borders (including with underwater cables) with neighboring countries to take advantage of those efficiencies. Be sure to read these benefits: /globalenergy/geni-benefits
    • What would be the savings in carbon emissions and cost of generation compared to current means;
    • What about job creation?

  • Market the 100% Renewable Reports to world leaders and decision maker in the appropriate countries.
  • Global cross-border interconnections - Where are the gaps? Who are the decision makers in those gap-countries? Focus on marketing the GENI Initiative information to countries in the 'gaps.'
  • Make the Business case for cross border trade of electricity
    Most renewable energy conversations focus on meeting ones domestic needs, taping indigenous resources. This allows for job creation, keeping energy $$s within one's own country and not exporting $$ in the purchase of fuel from outside. However, normally, some countries don't have sufficient energy 24/7 to meet both base and peak load, while others have renewables that provide energy beyond their own needs. The solution is energy trade across borders between neighbors, which also takes advantage of the east-west difference in solar and wind generation throughout the 24 hour cycle. The project is to build the case, siting examples and cases-in-point, for this cross-border trade.
  • Accelerating renewable energy investment to meet the growth in global energy needs
    Over the last year, the clean energy sector has seen a bump in growth from $170 to $240 Billion in investment, which is a significant step forward. The OECD and IEA have said that energy investment needs to go to between $7 and $15 Trillion in the next 15 years to meet global economic growth needs.
    The project is to make the case for renewables to get a major share of those investment dollars. What if renewables get 20-, 40-, 60-, 80-, or 100%? What impact would that have on reducing CO2, creating jobs, decreasing medical costs, etc.? How does it stay cost competitive; what policy support is required: fossil fuel energy tax, cap-and-trade, etc?
  • Using GIS, build onto the layers of Global Resources/Global Issues Visualization Comparisons: /globalenergy/multimedia
    We'll need to find open data sources for all the same nations in the list on the above link.
  • Beta test our new Drupal sites (WRSC - and as they get transferred to review the work we are doing to put these sites into the new format and apply rank priority and make sure all tags are added.
  • Complete "Global Energy Trends" on the GENI website in the Library. (Requires Dreamweaver experience or willingness to learn)
  • The world's largest machine - the electric grid - is old and outdated. Outline the issues involved in streamlining our transmission regulatory system. It would fall under our Transmission Policies section. Click here to view an article on the aging US grid.
  • How do we open the flood gates of support for the GENI Initiative?
    1. Send articles through 400 global media, Energy Biz, and PR Newswire (costs $$)
    2. Peter to write articles: "Stop Smoking: 155 New Coal Power Plants Scheduled, The Definition of Insanity
  • We need a global price for carbon. What does it take to change the economic model of the carbon industry? Research the pros & cons of various strategies: carbon tax, cap & trade, carbon credit, carbon auction. Who are the decision makers in setting this price on carbon?
  • Thirty-five countries currently provide 50% or more of their energy from renewables. Several countries and states, including Portugal, Spain, Germany, Denmark, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas, are becoming leaders in the use of renewables. Using data gathered by a previous intern, create an interactive graphic to summarize who they are, what they are using, what standards and types of incentives they have set, and also what industries have emerged and what the impact has been on the economy - jobs, tax revenues, etc.

  • Add contacts in the National Directory of Sustainable Energy Organizations to our in-house database for future mailings.

  • Research topic: Greening the Church

If you see an intern project you like or have an idea of your own, contact GENI

If you have questions or would like to apply to be a Volunteer GENI Researcher, email us at info @

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Updated: 2015/01/02

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