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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

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GENI-us Letter 2014-09

 A u g u s t  2 0 1 4 ? Volume 22, Issue 9 
 The GENI-us Letter 

UN Climate Summit calls for Regional Cooperation on Renewable Energy

Dear GENI Friend,

This month the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon hosted 120 world leaders for the UN Summit on Climate Change.  While global CO2 emissions continue to increase, this is the first gathering of leaders that shows significant promise. As you know, GENI has published 100% Renewable Reports for 25 nations. Now, both nations and industry are making commitments to increasing renewable energy, and we want to highlight these leaders. countries stated their goals in terms of renewables:

  • Chile committed to 45% renewables by 2025
  • Mexico pledged  33% renewables by 2018
  • Nicaragua has a goal of 90% renewables by 2020
  • Barbados committed to 29% renewables by 2029
  • St. Lucia is shooting for 35% from renewables by 2020

Iceland and Norway are already 100% renewable energy for electrical needs.  Several nations plan to join that club:

  • Costa Rica has a goal of 100% renewables by 2016
  • Tuvalu stated goal of 100% renewables by 2020
  • Denmark restated a goal of 100% renewables by 2050

A dozen corporations got the ball rolling on REE100, a new effort to convince 100 of the world's largest businesses to run completely on renewable energy by 2020Ikea and Swiss Re are founding sponsors and are joined by BT, Commerzbank, FIA Formula E, H&M, KPN, Mars, Nestle, Philips, Reed Elsevier, J. Safra Sarasin and Yoox.  Ikea is far along this path, with 1.4 gigawatts of installed solar PV. Ikea plans to spend another $1.9 billion dollars to meet the goal. Swiss Re gets more than 80% of its energy from renewables today.

The Bulgarian President, Rosen Plevneliev, called for "regional cooperation on clean energy" ? exhorting the assembled leaders to tap the huge untapped potential for clean energy and interconnect electric networks across Europe. That's the GENI Initiative coming from an east European nation...  and being heard around the world!  The tide is turning.  Now GENI needs your help to drive these commitments to all nations and companies.  Please Share, Link and Like this positive news!

In Partnership for the Planet,

Peter MeisenGENI's 25th Anniversary Seal -- 1987-2012
Peter Meisen President

p.s. GENI is exhibiting at the World Energy Forum in Barcelona, Spain Oct. 20-23, Your support today helps defray the expense of exhibiting at this event, and helps bring the GENI Initiative to many more global leaders...

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Updated: 2014/09/31

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