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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

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GENI-us Letter 2016-05

 M a y  2 0 1 6 — Volume 24, Issue 04

President Obama Pushing Renewables
SIMCenter Moving To Silicon Valley

Dear GENI Friend, communicate monthly with you and many leaders from around the world. U.S. President Barack Obama responded last month to our call to accelerate renewable energy resources, domestically and in all nations.  Yes, it's a stock letter regarding his climate and energy policies – but his administration clearly has an aggressive commitment to foster sustainability.

There are three critical nations that must lead this transition: China, India and the United States.  China's fastest growing energy sources are now wind and solar. India's Prime Minister is pushing his solar energy revolution for the millions of citizens with no power.

Proposed SIMCenter in Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Design image of planned SIMCenter Silicon Valley

President Obama expresses his resolve on this issue, "Our generation has the unique responsibility to act on this issue with the urgency it demands while we still have time."

To accelerate our work, we embraced another Buckminster Fuller project: the World Resources Simulation Center (  Our prototype in San Diego has proven the value of immersive visualization and collaborative problem solving... and it's a cool place to work, learn and network.

The GENI Initiative has changed our world, and we must move faster. SIMCenter Silicon Valley is a tool that helps us visualize global and local problems so we can make informed choices quicker.  

In Partnership for the Planet,

Peter MeisenGENI's 25th Anniversary Seal -- 1987-2012
Peter Meisen President

P.S. We invite you to join us in Silicon Valley. We are seeking corporate sponsors.

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