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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

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GENI-us Letter 2017-10

Global Grid Stress Testing:
It's Easier & Cheaper To Move Electrons Than Fuels

Dear GENI Friend,

Storms have been particularly angry this year: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, dozens of mega fires, extensive flooding in South Asia. While no specific event can be attributed to global warming, each event is enhanced as oceans warm, expand and more water vapor is in held the atmosphere. It’s like putting steroids into our weather system – every event has the potential to become stronger.

North America, Europe and South Asia have extensive grids, and we can now link across continents.

Coincidentally, the leading US National Labs recently simulated the integration of electric grids across oceans – to better prepare for outages from these storms. The Real-Time Super Lab simulated the ability of distant networks to instantly respond and balance energy supply and demand. With millisecond requirements, the test worked.

Historically, electric grids served individual countries, until the benefits of cross border interconnections accelerated regional grids in the developed world: load sharing between utilities, peak power savings through daytime and seasonal power exchange, increased system reliability, improved frequency and voltage control. "It's easier and cheaper to transfer electrons than fuels." With this successful Global Grid test, the case for connecting continents gets even stronger.

Our stand is for the interconnection of electric networks between every nation.  Every citizen deserves to have the basic advantages from lighting, refrigeration and communication.

In Partnership for the Planet,

Peter MeisenGENI's 25th Anniversary Seal -- 1987-2012
Peter Meisen, President

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