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Linking Renewable Energy Resources Around the World

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Here is where you find the details on why the GENI Initiative is such a compelling argument against overpopulation and other population related issues.




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Population Growth

population growth - world overpopulation, developing world megacities, food production distribution



The world currently adds about 250 thousand people every day. Increased pressure from such growth is already at a breaking point in many societies as water, land, and natural resources are being over-taxed.


Research shows that as electricity becomes available to a society, birth rates actually decrease. The correlation is this: electricity is first used for providing refrigeration of food and medicine, clean water, lighting of schools and health clinics. As these infrastructure systems become available, the perceived "insurance births" to support struggling families loses its necessity.

population growth

Over Population

World over population

Population Control

Life Expectancy versus Electricity Usage

City Population

Developing world megacities

Refugees and Population Migration


Population and Food Production & Distribution


Population and Disease Control


Prison Population Growth


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